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This release features guest vocalist Jamey Braden Von Mooter.


released August 8, 2012

Recorded by Justin Wilmore at CryBaby Studios (Seattle, WA). Mastered by Weasel Walter. Artwork by Taylor Wingett and Myke Pelly.



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FOOTWORK Seattle, Washington

2010 - 2012

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Track Name: OUTTA CTRL
a cowrie shell
a cup of coffee
private practice
corner office
cleaning lady
finer foods
starched collar
organic fertilizer
custom skincare
extra foam
lesser dandruff
a second fucking home
emu patties
yoga practice
business class
liquid assets
symbols meaning
how do you choose
to codify four feelings
black hoodie, pair of carharts,
a thousand records, a leica camera,
don't forget the top shelf whiskey

what's the difference
where are you aligned
what do you believe in
where's the line
don't trim the fat
just to add it back in
just trim the fat
Track Name: Currency, No!
A person before you, a person behind,
conditioned to view it as a chain within your mind
a chain of command, set up to tie your hands

You're at the top of your game or at the bottom of a heap,
the middle is the end and there's no in between

well what does that say about the rest of us,
I think they'd like it if we all just gave up

what if we decided we were gonna give a fuck
about ourselves
you can say I matter, I'm human, I'm evolved and I'm resolved
to live a life in the absence of reality television and
some guidance counselor's template for success
and say

don't fucking tell me what to do.
Track Name: Champion
and don't you agree you wanna live a life that's free
don't you agree you wanted to live that life with me
but part of you still thinks the good life takes tons of cash
and you need tighter abs, some kind of loft apartment
and an asshole's sports car
part of you is terrified your girlfriend's not "hot enough"
and what does that say about you?
it says the boys are playing games with your mind

Oh, you want to be somebody but who's idea do you want to be?

Who's telling you you're not good enough? FIND THEM
Who's telling you the one you love's not good enough? FIND THEM
What mens' magazine is telling you how to live your life?
Find it and use it to wipe your ass.
Track Name: Black Triangle
do you see me
do you see me as a person
do you see me
do you see me as a shape
with a hole in the middle
they'll even try to strip the black triangle bare,
to try and get control down there
but it always comes back
the symbol is much bigger than that
one day I'm gonna stare back and you're not
gonna like what you see
don't call me pretty and just don't fuck with me
don't tell me I'm pretty
just don't say anything
just let me be
Track Name: Muscle Memory
It's just me and my computer
easy to need, nothing to fuss over,
I order food, I order clothes,
I hear the music, I watch the movies,
It's all the highs and none of the lows
It gives me sex, it gives me feeling
(oh it's a real good feeling)
and all it asks for in return is a rotting spine!

I threw my computer out of the window,
all my papers on it, all my pictures on it,
I'll never see those pictures again
it'll look like I've had no friends

I threw my computer out of the window,
it just keeps freezing and driving me crazy
I'll never need my computer again
I'll hoard paper and I'll call my friends

I knew something was wrong when I sat
in the same space for 24 hours straight
I had to do something...
I couldn’t move then all I could do was move
Track Name: Vitamin Shrine
I got something everyone should have
I got something right in the palm of my hand!
yeah it's called an amulet
so what you think about that?
I know I'm suppose to be smarter than that
we're all suppose to be smarter than that!

And I got a college degree
even if you don't you might agree
So I gotta make a system to help me make my decisions
anything to make it easier, even if it's crazier
So tell me what's your sign, so we can talk about mine
Let's sit and chat about it, I need to know all about it

It's like I already know you
and you know me better
than I know myself... (and it helps)